Montclair Housing Authority


Portability is an option that eligible Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) holders may utilize in order to move throughout the United States. To assist with Portability transitions, the Township of Montclair Housing Authority (MHA) will cooperate with other Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) throughout the portability process.

Starting the “Porting In” Process:

If you are a current voucher holder and you are interested in porting into the Township of Montclair Housing Authority, you must request to exercise the Portability option from your current Housing Authority. If found eligible to port, your Housing Authority must submit the following paperwork to the Township of Montclair Housing Authority:

Portability Required Documents
  • Family Portability Information - Form HUD-52665
  • Voucher - Form HUD-52646 (Issue date must not be a future date or due to expire within 30 days.)

The document listed above may be sent via email to Ms. Stefanee C. Anderson at sanderson@montclairnjusa.org

Upon receipt of your portability paperwork, your initial housing authority will receive an email of acknowledgement from us. We will contact you as to the next steps in the process.

NOTE: If your contact number and/or address changes after we receive your paperwork you must submit your updated information by contacting Ms. Stefanee C. Anderson at sanderson@montclairnjusa.org.

The Portability Briefing

Once we receive the appropriate documents from the initial Housing Authority, our staff will contact the voucher holder by email to schedule a briefing - entrance interview. All adult household members, age 18 or older, must attend. This process lasts approximately 1 hour. You will be required to inform all household members over the age of 18 years of age to attend. See the attached document with the list of required documents:

  • Current valid photo identification
  • Birth certificates for all household members 18 years of age and older
  • INS documents for non-citizens
  • Social Security cards for all household members
  • Proof of household income and/or assets
  • Proof of full-time student status for everyone 18 years of age and older


Searching for a Home

Prior to searching for a home, voucher holders should review the Township’s payment standards. Knowing the payment standard will help guide your selection process.


Please contact Ms. Stefanee C. Anderson at sanderson@montclairnjusa.org


Q. Is MHA absorbing In-coming Portability Vouchers?
A. MHA is currently “billing” for families that port into the Township of Montclair, but has the discretion to absorb at any time.
Q. Does MHA assist with security deposits?
A. No. Tenants are responsible for paying security deposits.
Q. Can I move into the unit before the paperwork has been processed?
A. MHA does not advise nor suggest that you do so. You must be determined eligible for the unit, the unit must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection, and the rent must be determined to be reasonable prior to you moving in.
Q. How much will I pay?
A. After the unit has passed inspection and the contract has been drafted, you will receive a phone call and email notifying you of your portion of the rent.
Q. How much is my voucher worth?
A. The HCV program is an income-based program and the amount of your housing assistance depends upon your income. Once your paperwork is received and processed, you will receive information that will assist you with selecting an affordable unit.
Q. Can I get an extension on my Voucher?
A. For incoming portability, the time stated on your voucher will be the same time issued by your initial Housing Authority. Meaning, that the MHA voucher will expire on the same date as indicated on the voucher from your initial Housing Authority. For Outgoing Portability, voucher extensions must be submitted in writing and will only be approved under extenuating circumstances.
Q. How many bedrooms do I qualify for?
A. MHA's occupancy standards are based on two persons per bedroom, regardless of age or sex.
Q. How long does it take for portability paperwork to be processed?
A. Please allow approximately 10-15 calendar days for us to receive all required documents and follow-up with your initial Housing Authority. Upon receipt of your paperwork, your initial Housing Authority will receive a MHA email of acknowledgement.
Q. Can my paperwork be expedited due to my situation?
A. No. Paperwork is processed in the order in which it is received. If you require a reasonable accommodation, please contact our office in writing to make such a request.